Thursday, June 20, 2013

~shipping things and keeping the memories~

Assalamualaikum W.B.T. my dear diary. Today is the shipping day. All of our three years stuffs are now on their way home, to our homeland, Malaysia, to a new home. Sigh. How fast time flies and that three years nearly come to an end. 7 days left and that's it. We're going back. What is my feeling right now? Sad? Happy? Reluctant to go? All is there, mixed.

While packing my stuffs, the memories of the past three years just crossed my mind. Coming here with that formal black blazer suit, notes of lectures, the clothes; old and new, everything touches my heart. I know every little thing we do will end and i didn't expect it to be this fast. Ouch. Feels like crying. The feeling of the first time stepping on the British soil; that feeling of happy, shocked, nervous, embracing me yet again. Being far from my family, missing many of family events; my sister's wedding, Genting Highland trip, I've faced it all. Getting high marks in assignment and examinations, yet getting low marks too, show me the real me, where is my level, my ability. Being somehow mistreated by some racists whether for my religion or my origins, teaches me the other side of life far from that complacent seat like what I'm in in Malaysia. Interacting with other people; British, international people, somehow help me improve my communicating skills, although I have to admit that it is not that superb. Lots of things, lots of experiences and lots of memories were created while being in here, in the UK.

So, what is my plan next? Since the shipping is done, now i will pack my things up for the cabin. Seems like a big thing to do too, 40 kg per person with a grads card, a lot right? Yes, a lot, really a lot one. I still have several things to buy and I need to go to the town soon. What more? Hmm, yes, closing the bank account and terminating the Three mobile phone contract. Many things to do in these 7 days. Hopefully, I'll make the most of the precious time here. I might not be coming here anymore, so, I need to spend the time left wisely. Ouch, the time is so short. Ya Allah, make me strong.

Bonus for this entry, a picture of me with the boxes!


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