Tuesday, October 29, 2013

~my life as a campus girl~

Assalamualaikum my diary. It has been a long time.....again. Hehehehehe.. How are you guys? I'm here doing just fine. Life in Malaysian campus is not that bad. You just have to accept it wholeheartedly. Yeah, just like that. Huh, easier said than done. Forget about that. Today, I just want to share with you something. It is about drama series that I had watched recently. Of course, it's a Korean drama, hehe and this drama is called The Master's Sun.

To be honest, this drama is not that realistic to everybody in this world but it might be real for some who have sixth sense ability. Huhu. Alright, let me be straight to the point. This drama is about a woman named Tae Gong Shil who has a very special ability, she can see ghosts! She can even talk to them, help them solve their problems and even be them when she was drunk. Basically, she is like a guiding angel for the ghosts community. Errkkk... Out of the blue, she met her safety hideout; someone who can chase away all the ghost when she touched him. Of course, it was him, a man. Love story what...haha.. To cut the story short, she was appointed by that man, Joo Joong Won, a CEO of Kingdom to solve a mysterious case of the dead Han Hae Joo. After several incidents of touching and hugging (heeee.... :P), these two fell in love. Finally, they live together, happy ever after. Auuuwww.... So sweet... ^_^

Although this drama is kind of nonsense for me, I enjoyed it so much. Maybe because of that handsome and sporting Joo Joong Won. Meltinggggg....... Hmm, I want to relate this drama with my life. But how? Ottokkhaji? .......... Opps, I've got nothing in my mind. It's just something superficial and I don't think I can relate it much to my life. So, I'll let this hanging ok? Mianhae..

Let's jump to other topics. Lately, I was so busy with assignment, micro teaching, test...endless works. And next week, I have to submit 2 assignments and there will be one exam to be taken. Argghh..stress...huuu :(( It's okay Ira. This is just the beginning. Once you start working, you will become as busy as ever and you might not even have time to watch drama or whatsoever. Huhuhu... And one more thing, since I got back to Malaysia, I think I've strayed too much from Islam. Not saying that I'm not practicing it at all, but it just that I felt lost and far from Allah. No more usrah, no more Youtube talks, no more live talks. I felt so lost. And there were lots of times that I felt my heart was totally empty. And what I did was watching K-dramas. Lingering on it, daydreaming on it. Pathetic. I really need that urge. The urge for a change. Ya Allah, help me my Lord.

Hmmm... from happy to watch The Master's Sun to lots of works to being far away from God... this post is just so random. I think I need some more 'bahan' to be talked in the future. Something interesting and nice. Ok la. I need to pen off. See you next time. Wassalam.