Monday, January 21, 2013

~Friendship in Winter~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t my dear diary. After months and months and months, I start to write again. What would be the things that I want to share with you guys today? Hmm, let's see. Now, here in Coventry is winter time and recently, it's snowing!! Non-stop!! I don't want to waste my probably-last-chance snow time with sleeping and resting in my warm room. Instead, I went out and played with snow, built snowman, snowfighting, made snow angel and the whole lots of super duper awesome things you can do with snow (sorry, i'm exaggerating too much..Haha!!).

Having fun is one thing but there's another thing that I'd learnt during this time. Friendship. Yes, friendship. I realised, a person without friends is nothing. Life would become so lonely and pathetic, making you feel desperate, stressed, homesick, sensitive over things, even small little tiny things. You will start blaming others although they might not have any idea about what is it all about. You will blame them if you haven't been invited to something or in other word, being left out from joining them doing something. Life feels so pathetic. You are all alone. Alone. And that made me realise that sometimes we have to put an effort to have friends. We need to make the first step. Go and be friends. Go and socialise. Go. Just go. Sometimes, people don't like it when you only want people's attention but you yourself don't give some of yours. Balancing is what you need. And this, honestly, is something that worried me the most and I'm still struggling on it, struggling to be a better friend.

Many of my friends, I love them a lot and I wish them to love me too. And I believe, with them beside me, I will be more happier, more courageous to move forward and face the challenges in the future that I myself wouldn't have any clue about. And one thing I believe is that looking at our own friends could say a lot about ourselves. What we like, what we are comfortable with, our personality, our interest. And it would become a scary thing if I've chosen wrong friends to befriend with. But, honestly, there's no word for a wrong friend. Everyone has their own personality and it depends on us who we choose. It is just that, we need to know the limit and have principles, and I believe, that just enough for us to survive in a friendship.

Ok. Breathe....Out...Breathe...Out...I was initially planning to tell you guys about winter and what I had done!! Out of my control and it turned out that I'd written all those serious things...Haha!! And when I am excited to tell you guys some other stories, I don't think I can continue. It's just too late now. 2.30 am! For God sake Ira, you should have been sleeping right now. I really really would love to write more but I just can't. Hope to see you guys in the next entry soon. See ya! Salam. ^_^