Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~the feel of blues, leessang-리쌍~

Hey diary, meet me again...Yeah!! Currently I've met a very very talented duo group, Leessang, not literally but you know, knowing their songs, their personalities and other stuffs like that. For many years, I've listened to Korean or K-pop songs and most of them are cute and sweet and techno, where there must be dances. But this group is kind of different. Yea, it is a hip-hop group and there is no need for heavy dances, I guess. Maybe some tricks like some stuffs that hip-hoppers do, how should I know? I'm not a hip-hoppers, I'm just listening to their songs. This group has debuted long time ago but only now I realise them. Thanks to Gary, thanks to Running Man. It is this variety show that introduces me to this epic group with all those awesome songs.

Running Man had introduced me to Gary and starting from here, I like Leessang musics.
Maybe not only because of Gary but Monday Couple as well. Jihyo and Gary...I really really love
them. Although it is just a love line in this show but somehow I really want them to be together in
reality. Owh, how sweet is that. They are so affectionate towards each other and sometimes their
actions show their real feelings. Hmmm, how I wish it is true.

They look really natural, isn't it? Sometimes, I think Miss Mong, other name for Ji Hyo, is also suitable with Haha, another cast of Running Man. Both of these guys are really cool, you know and I, too, attracted to them. They are not that good looking but their common faces just, just, just attractive...and maybe because they are funny too, I think. And one more, recently, Gary posted a picture on his twitter. Him and Ji Hyo together, in a wedding outfit. Huhu, what was that? Giving their fans some hopes? Haha....pardon me for being so overdramatic....Hehehe....

They look so cute together, right? Please, please be true....Hehe...And from this show, I know Leessang's musics. It is so nice to listen to it. Although I actually really have a big huge problem when it comes to its meaning but I really enjoy the rhythm, sounds and tones..So like blues.....Like a street songs or something. I don't know that I really like this type of genre... Some songs I first listened from Running Man....You're the Answer to A Guy Like Me and Leessang's Blues. They're just so brilliantly cool. And while I was browsing for these songs in Youtube, I discovered a lot of other songs that undoubtedly interested me. Ballerino, Remembrance...fuh, that are so awesome sides of Gary and Gil, another Leessang's member. I can't stop listening to them and you know sometimes even whistling to their songs. Wow, that is really an astounding effects..hehe....

So, right now, maybe for this time, this is the music I am listening to. And for Gary oppa, you've become a man I really want to marry!!!!