Thursday, November 12, 2015

~current life~

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! It has been two years.. Dear Lord, time flies so fast. Sorry I have abandoned you my dear diary. Okay, let's start afresh. You might want to know what am I doing at the moment, right? Yes, I've become a teacher, a new-and-still-struggling secondary school teacher. It's not easy you know but not completely unmanageable. After a year becoming a teacher (what? A year already? OMG!), I've indeed learnt a lot. Maybe not as much as my other friends as I teach a different kind of students, Form 6 kids! Wow, what a BIG student I have. I'm not really involved in the big exam or anything related with the school's reputation. I'm teaching MUET and believe me, it is not easy. Other teachers always said, "Oh, your job is so easy, Ira. I really want to replace you" and "Why are you in Form 6? You have just being posted!". How I wish I can choose, this has all been decided by those higher-ups people. I'm just a mouse, how can I possibly beat the lion? What proverb is that Ira? Hehe...

Anyway, let's put all these teaching thingy behind. How is my life now? Well, my school is far from my hometown so I stay with my friends. Just a simple life yet happy. We did things together, we eat together, we do shopping, stroll around, jogging (opsss, just that one time, haha!) and so much more. We just enjoy our life. All of my housemates is just so kind and I am grateful to have them. Very. I think it is 200% positive that I'll be staying in that school for another 5 years,so I better explore that place until my heart content. That's my wish.

For the past few weeks, I've been watching this Singapore Malay series, 93 m2 on Suria. Of course, I stay near Singapore, but obviously not in Singapore, and we get their channels. We can't afford to have Astro so we just use the manual aerial. It's not that bad you know. We've got variety of channels as well. Okay, stop there, Ira. Let's talk about this series. It is DAEBAK! Marvelous, creative and addictive. It's just a simple drama but lots of lessons in it and it's just fun.

This series is about Zaidy and Elly who are getting divorce. They only stay together just for another year, as they just bought the house they are living in. So, lots of things happened between them and they learnt and knew more about each other. Elly's parents are also in the same situation as theirs (getting divorce) and Zaidy helped them reconciled. How nice.. There is also this one life partner who are also Zaidy's good friends, Wan and his wife, Yana who have a litte bit of struggles in their wedded life. All in all, both Wan and Yana managed to tackle all the problems and stay happily together. It's just Elly and Zaidy left. Towards the end of the drama, this pair shows more affections towards each other. However, Elly was busted confessing to another guy, a handsome chef. It struck Zaidy so much and he decided to go to USA for his drama project. And then.... I don't know the ending!!! I missed the last episode..T____T. I'm still mourning about this (hamboi!). I've been following this series since episode 2 and I can't watch the ending. What a sad ending I have! Huhuhuhu...It's okay, I know it's a happy ending, both Elly and Zaidy are together.... but still...WAAA!!! T_T...

Ok, why is it fun? First, the casts themselves. They know how to act well. So natural and it's like they are acting their real life out! The way they speak, body movement, facial expression, all perfect. I've watched several Singaporean drama, many of them are awkwardly done, just so awkward. But this one piece is way much better. Secondly, I like the way they speak the language. The actors use both Malay and English. Their Malay are so cute. Especially the hero, he speaks like Mat Salleh, pelat a bit..Cute wei. And their English is superb. I don't know why, I feel like wanting to speak like them. I know I can't reach that British accent, but I can achieve Singaporean standard rite? They speak very good English. I always imitate them whenever they speak English. Wow, Singapore is really something. And the third reason of why I like this series is because of its story line. It might be just the same like any other Malay drama but it is creatively done that I think, "Hey, why not Malaysian directors do something like this?" One or two directors have done this kind of style I think, like Ghost from 8TV. Yup, I can only think of that one. Basically, it is different and creative. Big applause!

Okay, enough of that. So, what's next? Now, I'm on Deepavali break for a week. Tomorrow, I'll be heading back to THAT place and continue living the last days of school. Nothing much really after this. Finishing all stuffs related with this year and planning for next year school's time, invigilate exam... and what else? hmmm, yup, that's it! Then, it's a one-month break! I can't wait for that. Anddd what else?? Nope, nothing. Ok, I'll stop here. Perhaps, in the next entry, I'll talk about my future husband? Who knows? (hehehe, menggatal ye Ira :P). Alright, see you! Assalamualaikum and chow chin chow!!