Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~It's the third year already!~

Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

It's October 2012. Yes, October. Fuh, time really flies, fast. It's my third year already in here (university's name is confidential..hehe..). This year's subjects are quite difficult and challenging with lots of application and adaptation to our real life. Interesting, at least, for me. However, it's the same routine as usual; going to classes, going back to my room, eating, meeting friends, shopping (opps, not everyday ok!). Other than that, nothing much different. I'm just like before, beautiful as always, hehe..

Well, there's one extra point for this third year, staying in the hall! Really, staying here gives me chances to interact with people other than my classmates. Luckily for me, almost all of my flatmates are international students and only one is local. There are two from Vietnam, a Sri Lankan, Chinese and some others whom I have got no chance to talk to and I'm sure they're not from the UK. I really hope we can get along well, InsyaAllah.

What is interesting about my life currently? Hmmm, hmmmmmmm...... Since the classes just started, not so many readings or homeworks are there and I somehow don't know what to do in my free time. Thinking of that, maybe I should write more. Or read novels? Or watching movies and commenting on them? Really, I need something to urge me to do them. Sigh, what a difficult creature you are Ira, huuu.

Well, nothing much really. Such a boring life I'm living in. Yes, there's something I like, right now at this moment. Leessang's songs! Again! Never fail me. New songs, new tunes (not really new actually..I'm quite slow btw...hehe..) and I'm so excited! 'Turned off the TV' is so cool! The music's so relaxing, cute with the combination of raps and melodious, slow music. I like! But there's a thing that spoils. You maybe don't want to know it's meaning, really. Slightly dirty, I have to say. About a man who really admires this beautiful lady and he's imagining things like, you know, err, yea, yea that one. I know you know. But it's not that specific. It's just a naughty, sweet words to express love, nothing much. Since I don't really understands Korean language, I have no problems to listen to it. I'll imagine I'm listening to something sweet and kind and happy, far away from its real meaning. Hehehe...

Opps, it's kinda late right now. 12.37 am! Enough Ira, you've got class tomorrow at 9 am. A 3-hour class! Sigh...It's too long really. Thank God, it's ICT. Three hours is just like 2 and a half hours. different. It's still long for me. Opps, cut it off Ira! Go to sleep! Ok, ok...Pen off. Bye!          

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