Sunday, October 28, 2012

~Bubblr, an ICT tool for English classroom~

Hi, my beloved diary. Seeems like I have something new here. This post is related to what I'm studying currently. It's about ICT that can be used as aids in English classroom. So, here it is, bubblr! Here is the description.  bubblr

tool to create comic strips using photos from


How it operates?

Have a topic of your presentation and you can just insert some key words of pictures that you imagine in a tag box. Pictures that are under that particular tag will be listed and the numbers of it are depends. You can choose any suitable pictures that you think could fit with your presentation. On each picture, you can insert a bubble; whether to have dialogue or even a descriptive sentence that related with the picture. The slides can be added by clicking 'after current' or 'before current' button, depending on how you want to arrange your slides. After you have done, simply click publish and you need to fill in the title and your name. By giving this information, you can search for your work in bubblr archive. You do not have to worry of losing it, it is saved.

How teacher can use it?
-use compilation of pictures, some descriptions, then present it orally.
-make an ungrammatical dialogues/sentences and save. Ask students to edit it using recycle button.

What I say about this website?

Thumbs up points :)

1) Students can use picture to create vision aids about the information in slides.
2) Practice writing short descriptive sentences.
3) Personalisation-individual interest, focus.(better individual)

Thumbs down points :(

1) Not all pictures that we want available in flickr.
2) Cannot reposition the slides which is difficult!
3) The dialogue boxes cannot be expanded and they might block pictures.
4) Limited font and size of it. 

I hope you use it and ENJOY!

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