Tuesday, October 26, 2010

birm n oxford..

It's kind of late to tell u about my trip to Birmingham and Oxford..It was such an interesting journey, nice scenery, nice weather....Alhamdulillah...We went there by train, I mean went to Birmingham first; from Coventry to Selly Oak... We stopped at Birmingham New Street just to eat sushi!!!But pity me, I don't really like sushi...I don't know why, it tastes sour, maybe because of the seaweed....it's just not into me...hehe...I prefer Malay food more. Then we went to Birm, stayed in the Birm Uni's freshers; Wani, Tika, Fad, Tira, there's one more, but I forgot about her....sorry...and one more, dayah!!She's soooo kind and funny!!!haha!!We went to Oxford the next day, early in the morning, around 7 o'clock...And it's sooo cold my body's kind of shivering all over....huu..

It's nice in Oxford....Lots of historical building there....We visited a library(I forgot it's name), Christ Church, Alice's shop, Oxford's shop....You know what, Christ Church is one of the shooting places for Hogwarts in Harry Potter!!!It's sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!

Amazing, right???? We also went to Oxford castle but we're not taking too many pictures....hmmm.....I bought some souvenirs but they're just the cheap one(not enough money..T_T...)hik3....And that's the end....We went back to the uni and it's really night that I had to sleep over at my friend's room in Westwood...Though it was a tiring day, still, I think it was a full-of-excitement journey!!!happy!!happy!!Alhamdulillah....

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